“A very particular vibration is present in these poems. A personal skin vibration, the uncanny feeling of an accent, the insolence and the sparkle of a sex, the hardness and the softness of a bilingual language, the warmth and the perfume of a breath, the violence and the pain of a writing.” Professor Eric Marty, PhD and literary critic (University Paris 7 – Denis Diderot)


“The poetic work of KuyDelair is vulnerable because it is exposure, strong because it takes this risk.”


“All I feel reading those verses is a few, even nothing: a sensation. This maybe-even-nothing is then what defines best the poetry of the author with an uncanny name, KuyDelair, or what defines best what is a sensation: difficult to keep, difficult to retain, this sensation comes back by itself, every time, and the identical same one.” E.M


“The bilingualism animates the poem in its sonorous dynamic, semantic, of a deep reverberation which accentuates the material sensation, digging and nurturing it: the slit of the infant./ la fente de l’infante: I can only read this two fragments intertwined, as “l’avaleur avalé/ swallower swalloved” where the consonants resonate reciprocally with a rare accuracy, a rare power of attraction.” E.M