Lady Death Aborted Chant

“The poetic work of KuyDelair is vulnerable because it is exposure, strong because it takes this risk. […] come back to the true premonitions. The one that is present in these poems, a very particular vibration. A personal skin presence, the uncanny feeling of an accent, the insolence and the sparkle of a sex, the hardness and the softness of a bilingual language, the warmth and the perfume of a breath, the violence and the pain of a writing.”

KuyDelair shares with us her first bilingual sound poetry book, also performed on the international scene. The erotism enlightens the poems taken in a lengthy chant which is unfold over metamorphoses. Here, all is about intimacy, uncanny body intimacy, disturbing intimacy with death but specially the women intimacy in her sexuation process. Life’s ode, the reader is caught in an unexpected reading which questions the women place in the collective imaginary.

The Green Moon Kiss

KuyDelair has composed her first artist novel, written in poems and in French. The phrasing is a singular linguistic experience, provocative in the freedom of the expression. Creating from a neogothic aesthetic and a neofeminist philosophy, her artistic research explores the women body topic in relation to birth and death, it is an invitation to a journey into the heart of spirituality.