KuyDelair is a poet, visual artist and a musician (piano/spoken voice) living between Paris, Montreal and New York. Revisiting poetry as a performative medium, taking its origin in the Antiquity, she inscribes herself in the neo-gothic vein from a neo-feminist perspective. Since 2007, her poetic performances intertwine Haute-couture, Happening and Sound installation in a metadisciplinary dynamic. The erotico-mystic aesthetic developed by the artist replaces the contemporary view on female body in its spiritual approach.

Enrolled in a PhD in Art Study and Practice in Montreal (UQAM), she was selected for several Excellency Grants in Academic research and Art practice (MELS/FARE Programs). Taking part in a research group focusing on Sound and Writing topics, she was recorded as a pianist.

A series of poetic performances will follow. At the established French-Canadian venue, the Place des Arts (Montreal, Studio-Théâtre), she offers a solo performance (1h17m) that she both wrote and composed. Using visual and sound installations, music, video (collaborating with an Eco-artist) and costume designer from Elie Saab Haute-Couture house; voice and body are intertwined, giving birth to an avant-garde sound poetry presence. The neo-gothic aesthetic reinforces the body make-up drawing veins and artery (2009). In New York, she performed her poetry in English at the BAM (Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, among others) (2011) or in bilingual in Paris (Galerie de la Voûte) (2017).

She has published two books with an independent publishing company in Paris (2012). The first one is a bilingual poetry and sound performance book, “Lady death aborted chant”, presenting the poem-score concept. The introduction is written by the Professor Eric Marty, Ph.D (University Paris 7 – Denis Diderot). Her second book is a poetic novel “The Green Moon Kiss”.

An exhibition at the University of Lorraine (Nancy) offered a conference with the artist focusing on “The performance a fine line between score-poems and visual dialogue”. A video show was organized while the exhibition presented self-fiction photographs in collaboration with a French photographer (2013). She did an other solo exhibition (Written poetry calligraphy, lecture-performance, sound installation, self-fiction photographs in collaboration) called “The 13 Sacred Mouths of Eros” (Galerie de la Voûte, Paris) (2017).

Often exhibited in visual arts, KuyDelair uses several types of materials. She participates in several group shows in sculpture (2013/2015/2017) or visual installation at the New York Public Library (2011), etc. Her poetry is exhibited in major libraries (Buenos Aires, Hambourg, Zurich, Paris, NYC, etc) (2011-2017) or galleries (Feldman Gallery, NYC) (2011).

For almost a decade, KuyDelair has led art workshops internationally. As an artist and a French literature teacher, she has always mixed writing, music and visual arts with the youth (2 to 18 years old) in Hanoi (Vietnam) at the traditional Chu van An and Amsterdam high schools; London (UK) in a refugee camp (2005); New York City (USA) at the Alliance Française FIAF (2011); Paris (France) American Church of Paris (2015), etc.

She also teaches now in the Master degree program at the Sorbonne cite. The poet is in residency during 2018 Spring at the Poësis des Arts Gallery in Paris for a series of lecture-performance of her poetry.